Clash Of Clans War Stats

News and Thoughts in September 2017

Hi guys, there haven't been an update here in ages... again. But it doesn't mean I don't have anything to write about. Actually I've got a good load of things to share.

First of all during the summer and recently there have been many little useful features added to the site. I'd like to list them here to make sure nothing is overlooked by users:

  • The coolest and witty new feature around here is Average Engineering calculation for clans with Difficulty enabled. Estimates the approximate percentage of engineered bases used in recent wars for a clan. It may seem to be just one little number, but it requires 1 second to calculate and around 500 lines of code (and I've been modest with line breaks even)! You can read more about it in aENG value section on this page.
  • The calculation of aENG was made possible due to introduction of war details recording earlier this summer. It allows you to see the war roster for both sides of a war as well as attacks and extra stats for any clan. Really useful one. Just browse war logs of random clans and look for the details button, where available.
  • After August 25 the Supercell has released the long-awaited new war match-making algorithm. I was prepared for that and at that moment started counting new Best Win Streaks from zero for all clans. I was expecting the new system would solve all the available problems and the wars were going to turn into some new experience, so the reset would have been suitable. But it turned out the changes are far from perfect... softly speaking. Well... but at least we have a new BWS-N ranking now.
  • And now the whole Reservoir Hogs leaderboard is also entering EPOCH 2.0 (reset) to see how new match-making will affect the lords of the mods and botting engineers. I had been really hopping for Supercell to put an end to the latter at least, but it doesn't look so. Therefore, I decided to also enhance this leaderboard with an extra punishment for engineers (luckily we have now aENG number again). So now engineered RHL clans still participate there but recieve less Scores per Win for engineering in the RHL-Score ranking, which now also becomes the default RHL mode, instead of the previous DBWS, where engineers are still feeling themselves good.

Match-Making Concern

Supercell has announed this updated like in march 2017 or something?! Also I liekd their intention to not kill engineering, but make it harder for them. And after 5 months of development we have this... As far as I understood there were not even changes in weights at first - they changed only the matching criterias. I don't know them honestly, but it is obvious to me that they themselves can't make it perfect.

And now maxers are quiting because of mismatches with engineers and engineers are quiting, because of long searches and mismatches as well with other engineers. Well let's put it straight - it doesn't work well right now.

The changes that they applied yesterday to weights are quite good, but mostly cosmetic. They are also subject to being manipulated and they can bring new problems, like for instance, for people who have just upgraded their TH and didn't acquire anything new even yet; they already will bring higher bases. I think we won't get a good match-making unfortunately until they realize the following things:

  • The defensive real strength value is not a linear function to the amount of defenses. So for instance, 4 Archer towers is more than 2 times stronger than 2 Archer towers of same level.
  • Each base has 2 ATTACKS and only 1 DEFENSE. Thus, mismatching 1 base on offense actually gives double advantage compared to base mismatch on defense. Such mismatches should be costly.
  • Offensive real strength should be linked to the real armies used in the game and their capabilities. And not some cheap tricks with StrengthMaxTroopTypes.
  • Since this problem exists for around 2 years and is still not solved non-ambiguously shows that Supercell doesn't have the right person to do this job. They need to hire someone with math background and not programming nor gaming background.

Regarding Calculator

At first I have been thinking that they might not use anymore the gold weights for the new-mm, that's why I warned everyone that calculator might not be relevant anymore. But after the last changes I am sure the gold weights are still a thing.

I have updated the calculator for the recent changes. It might not be in the perfect state now, but still it is good enough and relevant. So you are still welcome to donate me some $$ for it, if you need to predict gold weights changes 😊


Clash Of Clans Cardiogram War Start Times

There haven't been a post in a while here, right? We are going to fix it now with a little useful information about when it is better to start the war search.

Clash of Clans is played globally on all the continents and in various timezones. The group of maniacs who start war searches at 3 AM despite your expectations is actually very small, and the majority of players tends to start wars during the day and evening times. So the amount of clans simulteniously searching for a war match will be different during the day. And it is realistic to assume that the more clans are searching for a war, the higher are your chances to find an accurate match, because there are simply more clans to choose from. So basically, you would want to start your war search at busy search times globally.

To analyze the war start times I have selected all wars registered by, which started during the period from 10-04-2017 00:00:01 to 17-04-2017 00:00:01 GMT (start time here means the moment when the preparation day has started). Then I have grouped all these wars by half an hour brackets, for instance, all wars that started between 00:00:01 and 00:30:00 on 04-10-2017 went to the first group and wars started between 00:30:01 and 01:00:00 went to the second one and so on. And then simply counted the number of wars in each group. Here is the result:

Number of Wars Started during each 30-minute interval between 04-10-2017 and 04-17-2017

Graph is pretty much self-explanatory but still I will try to comment here something. During the day the difference between the highest and the lowest war search activity is around 3 times, which actually is quite a lot and should notably affect the quality of the matches. Every day the most active war search times are between 11:00 and 18:00 GMT, which is the evening time in Asia and daytime in Europe. The peak time is around 14:00 - 14:30 GMT.

There is no any significant difference between the weekdays and the weekend - all the days are the same. However, there is a notable effect of non-stop warring by the majority of the clans: since war lasts 2 days and if clans play non-stop wars - some of them always start on odd days and some on even. This effect is represented by the repeating pattern on the even days, which I have marked with the red circles. It is hard to explain how this particular pit had appeared... probably it is related to some past server maintenance, during which clans couldn't start wars. But if, say, many clans had been making random pauses between wars these pits would have faded very fast, but here we see them reoccuring.

That's all for today. If you are going to follow these advises, please, report later on the wall, if the accuracy of your matches will have improved or not... Or just any comments regarding this topic also would be interesting.


Your Wars are too Easy, Bro. War Difficulty Analysis Part 2

This is already the second installment of my study of different clan compositions, their war environment and difficulty. If you are seeing it for the first time - I strongly recommend to read at least the introduction to the part 1 below first - otherwise, you will understand nothing.

Today we will talk mainly about different war sizes, but first we need to introduce a new term.

aoBWS Standard Deviation

Previously we talked about average aoBWS for various groups of clans. Average is a useful and simple value to understand something about the group of clans we are dealing with, but it gives us only limited knowledge and commonly there are some extra measures introduced in statistics, which help to understand the properties of the population better. One of such measures is called standard deviation and is very important in statistics but very likely is unknown to most of the readers here. I will try to explain it in a simple way though.

Standard Deviation literally means "an average deviation of values in some group of values". And it is used to measure "how diverse are values" in some group of values. For instance, if you have 5 values and measure standard deviation among them and it appears to be zero, it means that all these 5 values are the same. Or if standard deviation is some low number it can mean that 4 values are the same and only 1 is different or all 5 are different but are very close to each other.

Standard Deviation of aoBWS for each aoPoints group (step=100) (Pink Curve has War Farming clans filtered)

Above is the picture of Standard Deviation for average opponents Best Win Streak value for clans belonging to different aoPoints groups. But what exactly this value means to us? I have conducted a separate analysis of what exactly different aoBWS SD can mean by running some hypothetical simulations and came to the conclusion that 2 conditions should be met for aoBWS SD to be relatively high: 1. There should be a great variance in attacking skills among clans in this group, 2. Good attacking skills should actually allow to gain a notable advantage over other clans at this particular aoPoints group. And lower values of aoBWS SD will be found if one of these 2 conditions is not met.

You should primarely look at the pink curve, because it has Chinese War Farmers removed from the population, because they lose intentionally, perform badly and, therefore, increase greatly standard deviation artificially. So in our case Standard Deviation grows steadily until around 3000 aoPoints. At 3000-3300 aoPoints is the maximum - it is the range for mixed TH9-TH11 clans, and there you can experience the most diversity in attacking skills and performance. There are many bad clans as well as there are many skilled clans and the game at that stage allows to gain the advantage from the skill. If we look at 3400+ aoPoints, for instance, we see a serious drop in Standard Deviation - it happens NOT because there are worse attackers in there of course, but 3-starring becomes so hard at that stage, so that even with good skills it is quite impossible for the majority of players - so the game falls into 2-starring, which is much easier and high-skilled players can't get the full advantage. And for 1100-1600 aoPoints it is even lower, because there are neither many skilled attackers nor requirement for good skill to 3 star a TH7-8 base.

War Size Study

We will start with the simpliest thing we can do: showing how many active war clans of each war size there are.

Percent of clans (in a single group) with a typical war size shown on the horizontal axis at various aoPoints Groups (group range is marked in purple).

The most important and obvious thing to note is that almost at any base development stages 80% of clans play 10vs10 or 15vs15 wars. The only exception to this is TH10-11 wars, where there is a very little amount of clans anyway. The conclusion here is obvious: to have fast and accurate matches - play 10vs10 or 15vs15.

Also note how many 50vs50 clans there are at 3000+ aoPoints. It is the mentioned previously War Farm community and at 3400-3600 it actually becomes even the most popular war size. TH

30vs30 and 40vs40 wars are popular with TH9-11 wars and higher, though since the absolute number of such clans is much lower than at 1600 aoPoints for isntance - it shouldn't be understood as if you will be getting fast and accurate matches with TH9-11 wars 30 or 40 size. You can always check how many clans there are in each aoPoints group by looking at the sample value marked with red color, but remember that below 2400 it is seriously underestimated also.

And Now let's do a more complex analysis of war size and try to look at groups determined both by aoPoints and War Size simultaneously. The first picture below shows aoBWS Standard Deviation, which we discussesed above, but for these more specific groups. It is a 3-dimensional picture, where the third dimension (here aoBWS SD) is shown with the color, pretty much like a terrain map.

aoBWS Standard Deviation (color) per each [aoPoints (step=100) / typical War Size] group.

Areas marked with a fat blue curve indicate groups, where performance among clans is very similar. In the left bottom corner clans' performance is very similar and poor because of the ease of 3-starring there and on the other size in the top right corner (and generally at the whole 3600-4000 aoPoints range) performance is also similar again but in this case it happens due to the exceptional difficulty to 3 star, which we discussed already above and also due to the all-TH11 matching advantage, which we discussed in the part 1.

And the big orange area surrounded with a fat red border is where the clans' performance is the most diverse. What does it actually mean for us? Basically, that there are many clans there with a high performance and attacking skills and at the same time that the game allows clans to benefit the most from good attacking skills (unlike in TH7-8 range for instance, where 3-starring is too easy to learn). So if your clan, say, has very good attacking skills and will be playing anywhere in the big orange area it will be easier for you to beat bad clans or deal with a mismatch on one hand, but on the other hand the better will be your performance the harder your war opponents will become and may break your win streak. Supercell has of course introduced everywhere the criteria, which matches clans with similar performance, you may say - but the point of aoBWS SD analysis to show that in blue areas the majority of clans are more or less the same and there are simply not enough diversity in performance to give for good clans other good clans and this matching creteria will be often ignored. So once again, since it is quite important - play in the orange area for more competitive wars but also more pleasing ones if you are good at attacking.

Also note that generally <with the increase of war size everywhere diversity in performance also increases. It can be explained with the fact that outcome in smaller wars depends on the fortune to a greater extent, because every single base mismatch, every single occasionally failed attack in small wars can ruin the whole war. In bigger wars the effect from such random occasions can be diminished by the scale of the clan and overall clan's performance starts corresponding better with the clan's attacking skills.

But the most interesting thing here I found when started to assigning existing clans with 100+ win streaks on this map and found out something: All high win streak clans lie in the pink areas between blue and red lines. And after we have described the effects and zones above I think this fact should make a perfect sense, because these intermediary zones are a kind of compromise between random factors and skill factors - they are not too random and don't allow clan to lose occasionally and at the same time they are not too competitive to run into another strong clan and lose to them.

One last thing here - I have to shed light on that bright spot, which you all already noticed of course, at 2300-2500 aoPoints and 50vs50 War Size. It seems like the most diverse clan group in terms of performance but after I selected some clans with these properties I found out that it is again some Unknown Chinese Conspiracy. I say unknown, because this time I am not even sure if it is farming anymore. Clans there can be divided into 2 categories: old clans with huge best win streaks (25-50) and new clans with < 100 wars played with terrible best win streaks and open logs again. And all of them are Chinese. Many have same names. My guess is that they are trying to match old clans with new clans all the time to keep long win streaks, but I am not sure about it. Probably it is again new war farming community that only has started (main war farming community at 2900+ aoPoints was filtered from that dataset by the way). So it is indeed a very diverse performance group but it is artificially created, plus it is quite small - not more than 200 clans playing. And in reality, if you remove all these losing new clans it won't be the most diverse group in attacking skills.

I have made one more experimental plot regarding this analysis, which shows Average aoBWS for clans with various War Sizes and aoPoints again but with the difference that all these clans already have at least 10 Best Win Streak achieved.

Average aoBWS (color) per each [aoPoints (step=100) / typical War Size] group for clans with at least 10 Best Win Streak only.

The idea here is the following: if a clan starts to play quite good somewhere (Best Win Streak of 10 is generally an indication of that), then what will be the Best Win Streak of opponents of this clan on average. I am not sure if we have here a leg to stand on, because, as I have explained in the part 1, Average aoBWS itself means pretty much nothing in the most cases, because it almost fully depend on the number of wars played. But here it seems to be useful, because it can actually display something, that is easily seen in the game - the average best win streak of your opponents if you start playing well.

The picture here is quite similar to the Standard Deviation with some little differences. On the right, for TH11 clans their opponents will have the biggest win streaks on average and all that due to yet the same all-TH11 advantage effect, which increases BWS there for the whole group. The most competitive "orange" area here is shifted more towards lower war sizes. I checked why this happens and found out simply clans at 3000-3400 aoPoints 20-30 War Sizes are older and played more Total Wars than the same range and 40 War Size. At 40 War size there are more new clans, which recently were created - this lowers Average aoBWS there on one hand, and on the other - it increases the aoBWS Standard Deviation. And why there are more newer clans at 40 sizes? - No idea honestly, perhaps these are starting new war farming clan on their road to 50 members?!


  • Mixed TH9-11 wars at 20-40 size is the most competitive war range generally (orange zone) with good war opponents and at the same time an ability to gain a big advantage from your high attacking skills.
  • It is so hard to 3-star Th10-11 bases, that at TH10-11 game becomes 2-star only mainly and diversity in performance drops again.
  • 80% of clans play 10 and 15 sized wars, except for TH10-11 range, where all sizes are more or less the same. To get faster and accurate matches use 10-15 war size unless you are a full TH10-11 clan.
  • The bigger is the war size - the less your wars will depend on luck and more on your skills (except very high TH11 wars).
  • The least competitive wars, where all clans have similar performance and 3-starring a base is too easy or too hard, are located at TH 8 and below with 10-20 War Size and also at all-TH11 clans. Random factors can easily affect the outcome of the war though.
  • Highest win streaks in practice are achievable in the intermediary ranges - where there is a compromise between very competitive wars and very random wars (pink zones on the aoBWS SD plot).

Your Wars are too Easy, Bro. War Difficulty Analysis Part 1

That would have been a crime to own a database with 4 million clans and not to make something like this. I proudly present a huge analytical study of war difficulty distribution in the whole population of Clash Of Clans. It will try to answer such questions as Where to find Easy Wars?, Where to find Competitive Wars?, If Little War Size makes Wars Easier actually, Where to match Fast and Accurate?...

It won't be an easy read (I promise) and first we have to revise some definitions to make sure someone understands at least something πŸ˜…

  • aoPoints - stands for Average Opponents Points and is an index of average bases development of your war opponents and also opponents of your opponents. To Put it simple, It is a reliable way to determine what type of bases (TH8s, TH9s or TH11s?) you use in wars and it is the main factor of War Difficulty. There is also a simple reference table, which shows how many aoPoints correspond to different one-base-type Clans.
    • All TH8 wars - aoPoints=[1800-2000]
    • All TH9 wars - aoPoints=[2500-2800]
    • All TH10 wars - aoPoints=[3100-3600]
    • All TH11 wars - aoPoints=[3600-4200]
    And for mixed war compositions (which the majority of clans belong to ofc) it will be some weighted average of these reference numbers.
  • aoBWS - stands for Average Opponents Best Win Streak. It is calcualted almost as simple as you might be thinking already for each clan - We look at clans' war opponents and opponents of their opponents (clan's potential war matches) and calculate the average Best Win Streak in this subset. Since Supercell has officially stated that recent war performance affects the difficulty of your matches, therefore, aoBWS also will depend on your clan's performance as well.

And that should be enough for us to start.

aoBWS & aoPoints Overview

First thing we are going to do is divide all clans, which we have aoPoints calculated for (around 425'000 of such) into small groups with similar aoPoints values and look at properties of each group.

Amount of Clans in our Database per each aoPoints group (step=100)

The amount of clans shown here is accurate only after 2400 aoPoints. Below it is seriously underestimated because we calculate aoPoints only for a little subset of low-level-bases clans. But still the local maximum is at 1700 aoPoints and it is quite safe to say that the majority of clans in the game fall under [1600-1800] aoPoints group - these are TH7-8 clans or also Few High level bases and many TH6-8 bases. I'd say it was expectable, right? And there are only 10'000 pure TH10-11 war clans

Now let's take a look at how aoBWS and aoPoints correlate with each other.

Average aoBWS and Average Total Number of Wars Played per each aoPoints group (step=100)

First thing to note is that generally Best Win Streaks of Clans grow with the increase of bases development on average. And there is one main reason for that: look at the orange line - it is the average number of total wars played by clans in each group - it also constantly increases. Moreover, there is a very high correlation between blue and orange lines, meaning that number of wars is the main factor of this best win streak growth. Which actually makes a lot of sense, because the more wars you played - the more efforts you had to increase your best win streak and greater are the chances that one of these efforts is a success.

There is a very notable drop in growth speed at around 2100 aoPoints. That's the moment when clans start turning from TH8s to TH9s and that must be a serious game changer. The game becomes seriously harder in all aspects: wars, farming, upgrading - so many casual clans start warring rarely, reforming or disbanding and new clans forming. This affects the total number of wars played on average and thus also slows down the average best win streak growth.

There are no surprises or notable anomalies generally... Except the end game levels with a notable drop in aoBWS at 3400 aoPoints first and then an abnormal increase of aoBWS, while Total Wars remain more or less the same.

I think Higher Best Win Streaks for pure TH11 clans happen because of the Mismatches. But if everywhere else mismatches can be both advantageous and disadvantageous, at TH11 levels it is simply impossible to match anything higher than your own bases and mismatches can be only advantageous to these clans. Also there is a very little amount of pure TH11 clans and thus it is hard to find a fair match and the most matches will be these advantageous mismatches. But at this point if you have been paying attention to what exactly is aoBWS you should have a question spinning in your head: If one type of clans often have an advantage over the other type, then first type will have an increase in their best win streak but the second type should experience the drop in the best win streak and on average these 2 effects should compensate each other and there would be no change in aoBWS? In reality, though, the latter does not happen, because again there is a very little amount of pure TH11 war clans and these mismatches may be common for them, but they are not common enough for mixed TH10-TH11 clans (there are simply just much more clans in this group) to seriously affect their best win streaks - mixed TH10-11s clans may experience these mismatches but still mostly they match each other fairly and their best win streak is determined in these fair matches.

And the biggest mystery to me was this drop at 3400 aoPoints. I have been cracking my head wondering why this could happen until I have built a distribution of aoBWS for this aoPoints group (3400-3500). I have made a compiled animation of aoBWS distributions for various aoPoints groups - so you can compare and see what is happening there exactly.

Relative Number of Clans (Density) per each aoBWS value at various aoPoints Groups (group range is the red inscription).

For low aoPoints the picture is some Gaussian-like distribution, which is normal and expectable. But at around 3000 aoPoints the left tail starts to become abnormally heavy and reaches its maximum at 3400-3500. Then I selected some of the clans, which fit these properties (3400-3500 aoPoints, 3-4.5 aoBWS) and found out that all these clans are way too similar to be just a coincidence.

I called this group of clans the Chinese Farm Conspiracy, because well... 95% are from China and conspiracy because they apparently follow some special common rules to match each other. They all war non-stop, all war only with 50 members, all open war logs, they seem to be losing and winning on agreement, very high-leveled players with end-game bases, low stars in all wars and they all have their location set to whether Benin or Vatican City. Apparently the purpose of all that is to match and identify each other and to do the thing called "war farm" - when you don't care about winning but attack for 1 star for the loot bonus - it must be really helping with farming for TH10-11 upgrades. Playing with 50 members is very important here, because there are almost no clans playing with 50 members there normally and it ensures that these clans match each other. Here are some examples of them: ζŒͺδΊžζ–ΉθˆŸ, δΈζ‰“ιƒ¨θ½ζˆ˜εͺεšζε…΅η‹‚41部, δΈ‡ζœ‰εΌ•εŠ› GALAXY, 秒捐倧帝国, 巴渝名邑 η’§ε±±, 数字军five.

This movement is really huge - I estimated it to have around 1300 clans and since they all have abnormally low best win streaks - it is the main reason for the drop at 3400 aoPoints.


And it is time to sum up a bit what we have learned today:

  • Easier Wars can be found at TH8 and below compositions.
  • Hard Wars are starting at TH8-TH9 mixed compositions and remain so everywhere above.
  • The Fastest and Accurate matches can be found at 1600-1800 aoPoints, which is a mixed TH7-TH9 compositions with bits of everything.
  • Relatively Easier wars can be found with an all-maxed TH11 composition.
  • For TH10-11 mixed clans Easier wars can be found by playing with 50 members.

That is all for today. Wait for Part 2 - There I am planning to talk about war sizes.


Alternative RHL Ranking

Some of you may have noticed recent problems on the site. My hard drive was failing and I had to make an urgent backup and replacement. Now All issues are resolved hopefully and.. long live!

I have also implemented one nice change: 2 last war logs will be shown for clans that have public war log settings, and for private settings 2 last logs with details available will be shown also but with hidden clan tag and clan name. Hope it is better this way.

Ok now finally moving to the main topic of this post. Some time ago I made a post about an alternative RHL rating system, which would favor clans with harder wars and give them more 'points'. It is also similar to best win streak with the only difference that each win here earns your clan the amount of points, which equal your current difficulty. And if your clan, say, loses - these points are reset to zero, just like usual win streak. Since Difficulty changes over time the amount of points each win costs also changes.

I have been tracking this ranking for almost 2 months now and here is what I've got so far for the top100:

(Difficulty here is the current clan's Difficulty, DBWS is the Difficult Best Win Streak as in the main RHL Ranking, Points are based on the new scoring system described above)

# Tag Name dBWS Points Difficulty
1 UJ9R202 战魂之刃 23 4672 152
2 C820PG2 COC殿堂 26 4530 121
3 8YLQG0QR KISS ME 24 4464 166
4 2QVL89GU 放学别走 16 4222 170
5 28YJVL8V SAIGON NO.1 16 4201 207
6 C0RLRUL 香港 21 4122 179
7 8Q2JG2PP 初桃 23 4074 156
8 P2PYVJ2Q 雷利 24 4049 184
9 28P8PGJL East Sea 25 4024 163
10 82YLLUVY Dragon Ha Noi 25 3877 141
11 2RG88CQG Zurraque war 19 3728 178
12 28G88QPJ LUSOWAR 21 3724 153
13 2U8PLPP9 亚洲天空 19 3721 179
14 C8LUC99 天龙八部 20 3707 158
15 8VQG8JPU 说好不打脸 25 3643 138
16 2QYJCLL0 小和山部落 26 3528 126
17 Y9YRUPLQ VIỆT-LEGEND 21 3472 155
18 9RJ98Y9C Thai Pro Jr 23 3412 131
19 LYY09YCQ 雅木青春 22 3391 139
20 PQ0Y2GPY 刺激部落 23 3384 137
21 P2Q99YRV 怪物研究社 25 3358 129
22 YGCUL0Q 蛙洗台灣狼 15 3356 136
23 8G88GYJ0 BVb4ever 26 3289 122
24 2J8VJG9C Roy's Elite 23 3250 132
25 8QGJVRQL Spartans legacy 17 3238 138
26 9989UVLU 将军吟 27 3237 113
27 LV9CQQ8J Tối Nay Sao Ng 26 3236 127
28 8CGLU0YV Bintangor Kaki 27 3218 128
29 2Q829CCL Η ΜΑΥΡΗ ΣΦΙΓΓΑ 25 3215 132
30 YRR0222R A+ 24 3213 140
31 9VG2CU9Y 시간 23 3195 129
32 PQQGUYYU 踏月 24 3187 145
33 P9PPC9LV 이불킥 : 베개의습격 23 3185 136
34 2YCCCRJ 泣斬コパカバーナ 22 3166 117
35 2L8R9J09 疯子在右 25 3165 114
36 2JG2Q8R2 Hog Wild 26 3159 134
37 2UVLPJQ9 ZaClub 22 3153 122
38 YPQYJYPY 恶狼族 22 3140 143
39 9PCVRJ9G #纵横天下# 18 3128 142
40 9CQV892U Let it go 27 3108 116
41 892RV9YY 末日狂飙 20 3099 142
42 8PUQQR9Q Team 1923 27 3088 93
43 2ULCJQ2C ابطال العرب 15 3086 176
44 QL8VYCG2 V.N_4W 23 3066 110
45 JUUJQUU Golden Goblins 17 3057 182
46 Q0YGPY Dutch Thieves 25 3052 133
47 2RVYJC02 崇明第一学府女澡堂 22 3042 129
48 8YL88P02 خوزستانیا 27 3041 108
49 90GV9UCY 七秒钟记忆! 24 3024 123
50 2CLV0LLG 베히모스 18 3020 163
51 90VLV800 一品堂 24 3018 115
52 2UVVQVQ kingofthedot 24 3015 125
53 QC9P0V 尤文图斯 24 3012 121
54 90YJY8RY Violent Wizards 22 3001 125
55 9VRPLCCC Be Together 22 3001 133
56 YPC0U922 Operation Fox 25 3000 104
57 8YV20U9 Happy Hero 17 2987 153
58 2RP8PG2 Rising Stars 26 2981 106
59 JURV8JL tanathai 20 2977 162
60 9UQJP2P8 Sai Gon War 12 2972 148
61 YL98PGY8 Awful damage 22 2968 123
62 PPVGQRYV 铁血团之二月围城 16 2962 161
63 22QYP8CP 番禺动漫coc总 21 2957 111
64 89RYGUY8 机智潇洒又能打小分队 20 2934 131
65 URVC2U8 JB FIGHTER 17 2931 217
66 2QPJ0CY0 WaterHammer 22 2930 109
67 8VQJV208 80 Proof 24 2926 119
68 9P0YL9VP IRAN Crystal 22 2903 120
69 8LCV2YUY IRAN IMPERIUM 19 2883 112
70 90QYQJRY INSOMNIA 2 23 2883 114
71 9LY88JCR geny love 23 2880 127
72 9GR2CGV2 SI Warriors 26 2868 116
73 PJULYJ8 KlickToPlay 26 2852 112
74 2U009UPY PHWH 14 2850 201
75 V9R8RG2 SAMURAI SOUL!! 20 2844 113
76 9C29GYLU HDBC group 26 2836 102
77 90YYRJUR PartyLand 21 2831 138
78 9G0J0CCQ 惜福百顺 22 2824 108
79 202V9GJJ 僵尸单盾 27 2821 107
80 2RUPULL0 Korea 1st Team 16 2819 153
81 82U0GUGC BULGARIA UNITED 15 2816 177
82 J2CP2LL Van Xuan 12 2810 211
83 Y0L8R8J No Mor3 3xcus3 21 2808 119
84 9LJY0Y9P Pine Ridge 23 2807 114
85 2LU8GCPY thanaoden 26 2801 88
86 Y9GVQ89 移动城堡 27 2801 106
87 8L0Q9JQJ Blue Squad 27 2800 110
88 2L892PGU 小怪兽出没 26 2796 116
89 P898YVQ2 Noisy boys 24 2791 131
90 88LPQPL el chavo del 8 26 2783 103
91 908GVV2J 313 22 2775 122
92 9QJYVVJC 전사훈련소 26 2761 121
93 JUJ90L0 Super Sesame St 22 2760 107
94 9V2Q0LGJ Last Black Cat 26 2750 105
95 8CYJLY9U 毛豆小班 16 2749 119
96 PGR92UJ IMMORTUI 22 2746 129
97 9UJ8JRUP 꽃하마 24 2745 114
98 YY2C0CP 最强王者之龙行天下 20 2740 131
99 G0QP2 AVANGARD 26 2736 100
100 8G9RYC0Y The Swarm 17 2707 161

There are some well-known titles here, like KISS ME, BVb4ever, Golden Goblins, SI Warriors. Also as you can see some very high places can be reached even at win streaks as low as 12-15, because of high difficulty.

Please report your opinions about it on the wall. If the reception will be positive, I think I will replace current RHL with this new system.

Also I'd like to mention here some stats regarding current RHL Ranking state:

  • After 2 months of tracking there are only 0.3% of clans left, which still have problems with Difficulty calculation due to the lack of written logs.
  • Around 3% of clans have Difficulty calculated inaccurately based only on 15-20 written logs.
  • There were extra measures taken to write more logs for clans, which are expected to meet many opponents with closed logs. So it should be better now.
  • Friendly Wars are being completely ignored in RHL and Difficulty calculation, since you can match any clan and this can be not competitive at all.
  • There are now 120k clans totally ranked in RHL and 335k clans with Difficulty calculated.

So in spite of a very little amount of clans missing, I can say that it is doing quite great right now and is an objective ranking for clans that are playing random matches mostly. However, I still seriously recommend for all clans with less than 4 war logs displayed in their profile to CALCULATE THEIR DIFFICULTY MANUALLY from their clan's page. This will immediately improve its accuracy. Right now the accuracy doesn't matter much, but if the new point-based system will be introduced officially - it will become important.

If you are here for the first time, understood nothing, but still somehow got interested - read this extended information to get an idea about Difficulty and RHL Ranking.


Regarding October Clash Update

First of all, I'd like to shout once again how UNPROFESSIONAL is Supercell. They have released this new update with friendly wars, which is cool of course. But what I found very strange is that they haven't even bothered to notify API users that these friendly logs results will be mixed with normal logs. Even stranger that I don't see these logs in game for clans, who already finished firendly wars and have open logs - but these logs can be pulled through the API without any problem. Why there is such a difference? Is it a bug?

I am bothered and angry about this mainly because this site severly depends on the war logs information. And this unresponsibility of Supercell have created quite a mess here, as I haven't noticed this change fast enough. I was asking btw in advance - will there be any changes regarding the API on the forum, especially regarding how warlogs will be recorded, but no one has answered of course.

Short list of the consequences:

  • Some clans, who have lost the friendly war had an extra loss counted towards their losses.
  • Some clans had their friendly war recorded and normal war skipped.
  • All clans who had a friendly war recorded will have now later further updates until a new normal warlog is found.
  • Difficulty will be badly affected by the written friendly war, because you could match literaly any clan.

Good news are that now these issues are resolved and further updates will be normal. I decided to completly ignore the friendly war logs for now - they will be simply invisible. Later I will decide if there can be made any good use of them.

Also I'd like to share my thoughts on the war-weighting changes. From what I have seen so far the most affected part is offensive weight and there are 2 crucial changes:

  • Important end-game troops like valks, miners, bowlers will now have significantly increased weight, especially for higher levels.
  • Rushing TH can now increase your offensive war weight significantly.

I don't know yet if there are any changes to the matchmaking criteria, but even with the previous one these changes will become a problem for the lopsided bases. Though these changes are not as radical as they could be, so I think only extreme strategies will notice them clearly.

I have adjusted the Calculator roughly already and it will stay open for a few days - so you can test it. 😈

And a little surprise. I was able to obtain the screenshot with the new, yet hidden building / structure. It is a ship and it seems like it will have to be rebuilt just like clan castle. Since the graphics for it are ready I think it will actually come live in the game soon, may be during the Helloween.


BWS / Total Wins Distributions

While Nobel prizes are being awarded I decided that it is appropriate to add some science in Clash too. Here I created some curious plots for ya, which show how many clans there are in the game per each value of best win streak (blue) and total wins (orange).

Some Time has passed and the picture has changed slightly for Best Win Streak: The average BWS has notably shifted towards higher values (now it is around 3.4), descresing slope became less steep. Also the 50 BWS anomaly (which appeared because supercell capped win streak at 50 for clans that had 50+ win streaks at march 2016 update) is much less noticable now.

And here is new distribution for total wins. I personally found 2 interesting things here: First, how amazingly little clans there are above 300 wins - only β‰ˆ2000, while the top clan has 435 win. And the second is the 40 wins anomaly. I personally can't explain why there is that knoll, but my guess is the effect of the december 2015 supercell advertising campaign.


RHL Improvements

Hello. Recently I have been working on improving RHL ranking only. Here's what I've got:

  • New improved difficulty calculation. Now it puts even more emphasis on bases development and a bit less on the war performance of opponents.
  • More clans are now automatically included in the RHL ranking. Now the difficulty will be automatically calculated for all the clans, which achieved best win streak of 10 or also for clans, which have Level Index of 110. Level Index is a new value, which is a weighted-average of players' level in a clan. Clans with average level of players of 110 or above are reasonably expected to score high enough difficulty for participation in the RHL (though it is not essentially so, and eligibility will still depend on the difficulty after it will be calculated). Yet manually you can calculate difficulty for any clan still by pressing record logs & difficulty.
  • There are now special measures taken to get more war logs (and thus more accurate difficulty calculation) for high-level top-notch clans.
  • For cases where there are not enough logs still to calculate the difficulty I introduce a new rule - if difficulty is not updated for a month or more, then clan becomes ineligible for further RHL updates until they recalculate their difficulty again. It is introduced to prevent potential manipulations.
  • I started counting alternative score for the RHL leaderboard, which is also similar to the best win streak, but instead of counting it simply as number of win - now each win has a score, which equals current difficulty value. It means that to get to the top you don't essentially need to get the longest win streak now - if you have a very high difficulty you can get there even at lower win streaks. This feature is not present on the site still - I will monitor for now how good it looks and if I like it you will see it live too.

P.S. Calculator is public for a few days. 😈


RHL reset

On 09.09.2016 there was a reset for all difficult win streaks recorded in the RHL leaderboard and counting started from zero. I decided to do that because it was requested on forums and I also felt like it was quite unfair because we couldn't tell exactly how those huge win streaks were achieved previously - may be they were achieved at low difficulties or with hardcore modding and thus they don't really deserve to be on top.

Now the rules also have changed a bit to prevent such cases - if your difficulty now drops below the minimal threshold, your wins will stop counting towards your Difficult Win Streak until you regain the difficulty again. And if you lose - your DWS will be reset in anyway.

Also participation rules have changed a bit. You don't need anymore to have regular best win streak of 10 at least to participate. Now if your best win streak is less than 10 - you just won't be included in the leaderboard automatically. What you have to do in this case is at least once calculate your difficulty manually from your clan's page and then it will start updating regularly on a weekly basis.

Also I've got some nice improvements for you all here:

  • Improved algorithm for aoPoints calculation, which is a measure of how developed are bases of war opponents. And also Compound Difficulty will now depend to a greater extent on bases development than opponents performance.
  • When Clash of Clans API is unavailable (which happens quite often) now you still will be able to search for a clan by #tag.
  • Both war Leaderboards show now how many clans are ranked there totally.
  • Clan profile now shows if you qualify for RHL win streak counting or not explicitly.
  • Number of shown old warlogs is increased to 8!

Difficulty Calculation on request

New useful feature - any co-leader of a clan can now manually force difficulty calculation for their clan.

And it will even work for clans with best win streak < 10. To do that go to your clan profile through the search, open game, make sure your warlog is public, go back to this site and press the button record logs and difficulty. If everything is successful you will see the new Compound Difficulty calculated for your clan and you can make the warlog private again.



I promised not to do anything until a new game update... But I lied.

I was bearing the plans to make a difficulty based leaderboard for the whole summer and came to the conclusion that whether supercell should provide us with some sort of a difficulty or I should use the cracked encryption algorithm to get the required data directly from the game (same as had worked).

The first option would be too slow to wait for (as we all know) and the second would be too slow to write for me. So I have postponed that idea for a while until I have recieved this ingenious enlightment. It was as strange, as the fact that Justin Bieber has ever become popular, that I hadn't realised it earlier... The thing is - we already have everything to build this leaderboard actually.

Not going into more details for now (if you want them - you can look here). Better look at the result first, as it is ready by now. Enjoy.

26-08-2016 domain and fixes

There was no much progress for a while and I think I won't be making new features here until the announcement of the next Big game update. I feel that there will be many changes coming (to the API as well) and I don't want to waste time on developing new features now, which may not work after the new changes are implemented.

Still there were some nice improvements:

  • Site moved to the new domain Old address still will be working too.
  • You can now search for clans just by setting options without any keyword input. This way you can find random lvl 12 clans for instance.
  • Probably some won't like this feature, but I will :). Now you can donate me ($_$) to help paying the sites bills. Site now has around 3M clans and 20M warlogs stored. And it is not cheap to maintain it sadly.
  • Web links in clans descriptions are detected and turned into clickable links. For instance, take a look here.
  • Permanent page where you can find infromation regarding how the site works. Will be updated. Promise.
  • Visual (like "click" marks and tops page redesign) and performance fixes.

Recent Improvements

Report on the 2 evenings' work:

  • If you are a co-leader in your clan - you can now store with us your losses and ties to expose them (dunno.. if you have a good record for instance). To do this: go to your clan profile through search form, make your warlog public in the game for a few seconds and press the button "record data". That's it.
  • Found a terrible bug that caused leaderboard to be so slow previously. Now it will be much more nimble, guys.
  • Clan descriptions are now pulled from API for clan profiles.
  • Several minor visual and usability improvements.

Best Win Streak Distribution

Thought it would be useful to show how many clans there are per each value of best win streak achieved. You can estimate with it how many clans there are with a similar record to yours.


How everything works

I decided that it is worthy to explain how things work here, 'cause I know it may be not so clear at first.

Clan profile updates

Normally any clan's profile is updated withing 12 hours after the war end. And it won't be updated at all if a clan doesn't war. But there are rare cases when it can take longer - for instance if the official API is down or just something went wrong on our side.

Losses and Ties tracking

If during an update a clan is caught with public war profile its losses and ties are recorded. Moreover they are going to be updated since that moment even if the clan's profile becomes private. Losses and ties are displayed as usual in such case if that clan keeps winning. But after their first loss or tie in such state losses and ties will be groupped together and displayed like this for instance: β‰₯ 13. They are groupped because we can't distinguish new losses and ties in this case anymore. And β‰₯ sign means that the real number of losses and ties can actually be greater than the one we display. The deal is that there is a chance that some losses or ties can be missed from tracking. This can happen in the case if the clan loses 2 or more times in a row and these warlogs were not found. Note that for a good war clan it is quite a rare possibility - so for well performing clans expect their losses and ties to be accurate. Also if a clan with approximate losses and ties is caught with public warlogs again - its losses and ties become accurate again.

Warlogs tracking

All warlogs that are found in public clan profiles are recorded. Later they can be displayed for both participants of the war even if they both will have their warlogs set to private already. Last 2 wars are removed from displaying because it can allow spying on base layouts and rebuilding these layouts for training attacks - which I consider to be really unfair.

Best Win Streak tracking

Best win streak means the most wins in a row that clan has ever achieved. But an important remark should be made here: it will count win streaks that happened only after March 2016 update, when Supercell officially started counting win streaks (and even actually a little bit later because we didn't start tracking best win streak immediately after that update).

All previously achieved win streaks are lost now - sorry about that. But if you think about it - it is partly fair because along with that update came a serious game-changer which brings harder matches for well-performing clans and making achieving a higher win streak much harder. So it wouldn't be correct to mix previous win streaks with the new ones.

The timestamp when the best win streak was achieved will equal the end time of the war if war log for that war was found. If it wasn't found it will equal the time when the clan's profile was updated, which is a bit later. Timestamp is in format DD-MM-YYYY HH:MM in GMT (aka London time).

Best Win Streak Leaderboard

The leaderboard is based on the highest best win streak. For clans with the same win streak - the one, which reached it earlier will take the higher place. The logic behind this is quite simple: if your clan wants to take a higher place - you should not only reach the previous record achieved by someone already, but overcome it.

Leaderboard is live generated while clan profiles are being updated. If you refresh any of its page you may see clans go up or down (especially on pages below 5000, where things are changing faster).

if you click on the page number above leaderboard - you can input your number there to go to any page.

The leaderboard contains extra markings, which can be helpful. sign means that a clan's best win streak has recently increased. means that a clan has recently lost an increasing best win streak sequence (for clans only with 10 bws at least). The blue colored clans are known to be unbeaten yet - just an extra perk for them (for clans only with 10 bws at least).


Welcome to

Well... It costed me an arm and a testicle (and 20 busy evenings of work) but I have completly reworked the site and added great new features.

Those who had knew this site before apparently have noticed that now you can search for clan profiles here and moreover it allows you to see some extra information compared to the game, like old private warlogs and wins/losses/ties for some clans. Another one is the best win streak leaderboard. Unlike game it is capable of storing your historical win streak forever - so your achievement won't be lost nor forgotten (if it was great of course - otherwise it will πŸ˜…). And already it is storing results for around 3,000,000 clans.

Also I still provide infamous GM war weight calculator, which was made by me and Dantzig. Though mostly you will find it closed πŸ˜…... but you might be lucky as well. ...and archival leaderboard, which was last updated near Xmas 2015. Basically I keep it only because it was a good idea - many of those clans already don't exist even or lost their streaks.

There are yet few things that I'd like to implement a lot. Including difficulty based leaderboard for best win streak - so that sandbox clans (which can win relatively easily) are not in the same playground as serious TH9-11 clans. Also many minor visual fixes and additional clan stats. But what I am not going to do is keeping any stats that are unrelated to wars. I am not interested in that aspect of the game like at all. And also there is one big issue right now with this site which I am pretty sure you all have noticed - it is the speed of loading. Well it is all like that because I have a huge database already and a very cheap server. I am planning to move to a better server and new domain but only if I see that this site is needed.

Seems like it for the start. All your love, hate, feedback and suggestions can go here: or write in chat here.

> contact:
> ...or write on The Wall on the main page. If it doesn't work - try this version.

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