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Clash Of Clans War Stats


Here lives the GM war weight calculator, which can calculate the weight of any set of buildings and troops and represent it as the well-known gold storage amount number. Also It is very different algorithm from a well-known Moskri AKA csv AKA Spanser-Numbers calculator.

Now it is closed for the public access (as it is most of the time). But at the moment I am giving permanent access passwords for all site supporters, who donated more than 30$ or more than 0.003 BTC. If you wish to donate, please, read the outro at the bottom on how to

* Please, note that I am not selling it, nor guarantee that it will be working forever in the future. Though now it is working very well and I would like to give access to people as the gratitude for their support ❀

After August 2017 matchmaking update these weights are still relevant, but the matching criterias have changed.

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